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Business plans and goals are essential to any small business, start-up, or nonprofit. Without them you’d have a hard time connecting with your customers.


So how do you turn those pieces into brands and marketing campaigns? How do you learn what to say to your potential customers that will inspire them to engage with your vision and services?


We believe that strategy and creativity are two halves of a whole. Effective marketing and powerful branding are the expression of your strategy. Here at HFJay, we bridge the two so that you get started on the right foot from the beginning.



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Strategic Marketing Expert with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

For several years, owner Heather Johnson toyed with the idea of starting her own business. She was born into a family of entrepreneurs, so it was inevitable that one day she’d get the bug. She learned along the way that it wasn’t an overnight success, and stepped back multiple times. When layoffs hit at her day job, she knew it was time to dive into her dream of creating opportunities for fellow small businesses to thrive.


She also has a heart for nonprofits, and currently is working in a men’s recovery treatment nonprofit. Her days consist aligning strategy and hope with powerful storytelling through brand and marketing. 


HFJay exists to build relationships: we just so happen to do it through brand and marketing. We want to see start-ups not just achieve their goals, but to see their priority shift toward community. One way we do this is through our pods. Part of our service includes connecting you with other clients so that everyone learns from one another, and so that you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve read the data (which makes sense since we LOVE data), and running your own organization can feel incredibly isolating. We aim to help alleviate just a little bit of that loneliness. 


It is also our goal for you to eventually NOT need us. Sounds backwards, doesn’t it? But it’s true. As you grow and get the foundation in place, it’s our hope that you will be able to build your own team!


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The Blue Jay

Heather has always had a soft spot for Blue Jays. Their bright colors and familiar sound regularly remind her of how colorful life can be.


They’re known for their intelligence and their adaptability - resilient and yes, admittedly aggressive, they find their own way. They are also gifted at mimicking other birds, which is kind of how we operate around here. Our goal is to give you your own song, so we spend a lot of time learning who you are and how you want to sound.

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